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Love this nursery design - maybe for next time! I have a feeling the little guy may not like all of the details. ;) I’ll share our final design soon!

Baby is coming soon and I’ve been shopping like a mad woman. I’ve experienced just about every store imaginable from boutique to big box retailers. Had some great experiences and not so much. The best customer service I’ve experienced is Babies “R” Us without a doubt - simple registry, great customer service in store and overall product assortment. 

My husband and I did struggle with finding the right crib and furniture for the nursery and we literally looked for 4 months for the right kinds.  We evaluated Consumer Reports, went to 10-15 stores.  What can I say we’re picky! We determined to go with a transitional crib. Needless-to-say we loved a crib we found online at it was perfect for what we wanted.  Unfortunately their shipping left little to be desired.  JCP asked for $300 in shipping cost or nearly 30% of the total cost of the product! YIKES! We begged and pleaded for alternative options (shipping to store, pick up from the DC, a discount) and nothing worked. I was highly disappointed that we had to start our search over again.  Thankfully we found a comparable and highly rated set at Target. However, after we made this purchase I found out that had the very same set as JCP and if I ordered through the store kiosk shipping would be free! Lessen learned.

I would suggest taking your time finding the right furniture for your nursery even through all of our research we made some missteps which I’m hoping won’t happen to you!

Talk w/you soon,

Fiery Mamma